Four Hour Workweek

I read this book at least once a year. Why would Mr. Eco recommend a business book as his number 1 book recommendation? Because this business book has allowed me to maximize my effectiveness which is what all great change makers and EcoHeroes need to do. If I had a magic wand I would have every single person 13 or older read this book. It is literally life changing in the best way possible.

Junk Raft

The author Marcus Eriksen is a friend of mine and co-founder of 5 Gyers. Basically the coolest guy you will ever meet. This book tells the history of plastic and plastic pollution in a fantastic storyline of love.


I first read this book in my AP Environmental Science class in high school where I was sparked by my teacher Mr. Mirigian to want to dedicate my life to be a part of the solution to environmental problems we are facing. This book will make you think differently in the best way possible.

The Sixth Extinction

I created Mr. Eco because of my love for wildlife. We are wiping out wildlife at an alarming rate and causing the next mass extinction. This book does a great job of depicting how fast we are wiping out the most beautiful species on our planet.

Money Master The Game

Whether you like it or not, money is not going away and EcoHeroes can help causes they care about by making money and putting it toward them. If peoples basic needs aren’t met, they will not have the capacity to care about environmental issues. We don’t talk about money in America with our friends and families because it is taboo and we think the systems are so complex. Reading this book will allow you to change your opinion in a positive way about money, assess where you truly are financially and tap into the magic of compounding interest. I’m going to give away over a billion dollars in my lifetime to habitat protection. How? Answers are in this book.