Mr. Eco


Racing Extinction

I created Mr. Eco because of my love for wildlife. We are wiping out wildlife at an alarming rate and this movie does an amazing job at telling that story in an entertaining and empowering way. This is a must watch.


For 21 years of my life I ate meat with every meal. Why? AMURICA! That is what we do, that is what my family did. Most large environmental organizations don’t cover the topic of how devastating large-scale industrialized farming is for the world. Find out why, and be prepared to change your diet after watching Cowspiracy.

Just Eat It

The most impactful way young people can make a positive impact daily in the world is by not wasting food! It takes so many resources to grow and get it to us. This documentary is sooo well done and shows how disgusting and wasteful our society is around food. This helped inspire my upcoming album “Amazing Waste” and completely changed the way I look at food.

Story Of Stuff

Stuff doesn’t make you happy. Period. Learn how to get out of the consumer rat race with these exceptionally well done educational short films. Start with “The Story Of Stuff” original film then watch “Story of Bottled Water.

Plastic Ocean

This movie does a fantastic job at documenting our huge plastic pollution problem in the ocean and how it is impacting animals. Be prepared to stop using single use plastic after watching this film.

Before The Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor largely because of his humanitarian efforts and “Before The Flood” is an excellent documentary that makes climate change’s impacts really simple. Highly recommend watching this to get a baseline understanding of climate change or to refresh your education on the subject.”


One of my core beliefs is that anyone can be a hero if they believe in themselves and act on that belief. This movie is hysterical but also gets that powerful message across. It doesn’t seem good on the surface but please give it a chance! Super powerful and impactful.