Mr. Eco


5 Gyres

I sailed with 5 Gyres from Bermuda to Iceland studying plastic pollution in the ocean. It was a life changing experience and they have an ambassador program that EcoHeroes can join to fight plastic pollution!

Turning Green

If you are in high school or college, you have to do Turning Green’s Project Green Challenge in October. It is a 30-day eco themed challenge that will activate you into action to be an EcoHero.


350 uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to oppose new coal, oil and gas projects, take money out of the companies that are heating up the planet, and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all.

Climate Reality

Climate Reality offers a training seminar on how to give a presentation on Climate Change. If one is near you, I highly recommend going. I took the training in Los Angeles in August 2018 and will be using part of their presentation in all of my presentations about food waste and energy efficiency and how it all ties into Climate Change.